MSC Parent/Player Etiquette

1. Be a knowledgeable participant. Don't make a fuss only to find out you were wrong about the rules. Club League Rules, schedules and standings are posted ( The full FIFA rules are posted on the FIFA web site: 

2. Be on time. All players should arrive 40 minutes prior to game time so you can have a full 30 minutes to warm up. Players need a proper warm-up in order to perform well. 

3. Players are responsible for having all appropriate equipment. That includes appropriate gear for any weather. It is not acceptable – and it impacts on performance – for players not to have proper warm clothes, wind-breakers, and rain gear. 

4. Full uniforms and shin guards are required. No mismatched socks, shorts, or jerseys. Players may wear sweatshirts and pants under their uniforms. They may also wear stocking caps and gloves. 

5. Remember that the main objective of this league is DEVELOPMENT. Winning is not the best or only measure of development. Development takes time. Be patient, and help us foster it by recognizing every incremental gain. Do not focus on whether you win or lose, but rather on performance. Any good play is success. Any slight individual improvement is success. By acknowledging the little successes and giving all players the recognition they deserve you will be contributing to everyone's success. 

6. If your team loses, adopt a positive attitude. Compliment the child upon his or her good plays. Ignore the mistakes. The child will be happy that you noticed his or her good qualities. 

7. Keep it fun for everyone! Remember: your child will forget today’s game. Next week he or she will probably have forgotten the score. However, both of you will remember that you had a good time playing the most popular sport in the world. 

8. Aid the team coaches/MSC Staff/team mom as requested. Most of the MSC Staff are volunteers. They put in their own time. If they request information, paperwork or assistance, please provide it to them in a timely manner. They are always working under a deadline. Don’t make them hunt you down. Make their jobs as easy as possible. They deserve it. 

9. Parents and players are to stay on opposite sides of the field

10. Both parents and players are to keep their distance from the sideline - behind the red lines along the sidelines. This is so the assistant referees have an unobstructed view of the sidelines. 

11. Parents should make no contact with their children – from the time you drop off your kid until after the coach dismisses all players. During that time the coaches are in charge. This is so players develop self-reliance and learn to focus on the game. 

12. HALF TIME SNACKS ARE ABSOLUTELY OUT OF THE QUESTION. Players are to drink water only, and listen to the coach's half-time talk. NO PLAYER-PARENT CONTACT AT HALFTIME. 

13. Parents do not make contact with coaches directly after games. If you have anything to say, shoot over an email. (all email correspondence needs to be submitted to memorialsoccerclub@gmail )


14. Playing time- if your upset over your child's playing time, allow your child to bring it up with coach directly. You are now at a club level, it's no longer recreational. Not everyone will have equal playing time.